Elli Malki

My Current Activities:

I am an economist and I specialize in economic and financial management of nonprofits.

I am the CFO of Keren Or – a center for blind children with multiple disabilities in Jerusalem and also of Yanshufim – a nonprofit that strives to eradicate educational inequalities in Israel.

I assist nonprofit directors and CFOs to create a clear and transparent financial management system.

I assist nonprofits to prepare budgets for funders and donors, and to create procedures and tools for efficient reporting.     

I assist social entrepreneurs to create viable business models that combine social and economic goals.

I teach in the MA program for Nonprofit Management and Leadership at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University

I teach in the MA program for Management of Nonprofit and Community Organizations  at the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work and Social Welfare of the Hebrew University. 

I am a partner and the editor of an Israeli financial website dedicated to investors – www.inbest.co.il

I am an author of a book on nonprofits management – Measuring the Things that Count.

My Goals:

To create financial clarity.

To develop and implement economic goals in accordance with the social goals of the organization.

To provide simple and applicable tools for managerial decision making.

My Professional Experience:

CFO of Keren-Or – Center for Blind Children with Multiple Disabilities: 2012 – the present and starting from 2021 also of Yanshufim.

Deputy director and CFO at the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (AJJDC) in the Former Soviet Union (FSU):  1998 – 2008.

Founder and CEO at AJJDC Real Estate Company (AREC), a subsidiary of AJJDC  that manages its community centers in the FSU: 2005 – 2008.

Manager of business development at Hadasit Medical Research and Development Ltd., a subsidiary of Hadassah Medical Organization: 1994 – 1998.

My Academic Courses (in English):

Basic Concepts in Finance for NGOs

Planning, Budgeting and Control in Nonprofits

Articles on nonprofit management:

Systematic Approach to the Allocation of Budgets for Humanitarian Aid Programs: A Practical Tool for International NGOs.

Malki E., SSRN, 2008.

A Benchmarking Model for Measuring the Efficiency of a Humanitarian Aid Program: A Case Study of an International NGO.

Malki E., SSRN, 2008.

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is. 

Malki E., SSRN, 2008.

Guidelines for the Preparation of Budgets in Not-for-Profit Organizations.

Malki E., SSRN, 2010.

Nonprofit Overhead Efficiency in the Israeli Welfare Sector: How Economies of Scale Could Lead to Administrative Savings

Brown M. & Malki E., SSRN, 2011.

A Servant of Two Masters: The Dual Role of the Budget in Nonprofits

Malki E (2014). Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, 1(1): 002-007.

A Simple Model for Cash Flow Management in Nonprofits.

Malki E., SSRN, 2016.

Articles on other financial topics:

The Hidden Value

Malki E., The Journal of Stock and Forex Trading , Volume 1 • Issue 10 • 2012

The Financial Crisis in Russia

Malki E., SSRN, 1999.

Intellectual Property and the Valuation of Biotechnology Companies: GEN-dex Versus Dow Jones

Malki E., SSRN, 1997.

The Economic Sense of Royalty Rates

Malki E., SSRN, 1997.

Intellectual Property Intensity (IPI) and the Value – Growth Effect

Malki E., SSRN, 1998.

A Simple Model for the Valuation of Start-Up Companies

Malki E., 2011.

Choosers Can Make You Beggars

Malki E., Ha'aretz, 2011.

Your Conscience is a Lousy Investor

Malki E., Ha'aretz, 2011.

The Naifs Versus the Pros

Malki E., Ha'aretz, 2010.

How Chinese Boys Jacked Up America's Deficit

Malki E., Ha'aretz, 2010.

How "Hedging": A Technique to Reduce or Eliminate Financial Risk

Malki E., Ha'aretz, 2009.

The Risk Premium Puzzle

Malki E., ETF.COM, 2008.

What Can Investors Learn from Goalkeepers

Malki E., ETF.COM, 2008.

Has the U.S. Stock Market Become Cheaper?

Malki E., ETF.COM, 2008.

An Anti Bubble in Europe?

Malki E., ETF.COM, 2008.

The Dollar Strikes Back

Malki E., ETF.COM, 2008.

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